Libre tea glass

Libre tea glass
I discovered the libre tea glass collection at the World Tea Expo in May 2015, and I really like their products: each bottle and mug has a glass interior and a durable plastic exterior. It doesn't break, it's thermally insulated (both hot and cold!), and it comes with a removable stainless-steel filter.
I was really impressed by the quality and the look of the products too!
You can see more of Libre tea products on their website. They come in different color, shape and size:
  • 10 oz. Travel Tea Mug Infuser ($29)
  • 9 oz. Classic Tea Glass Infuser ($22 to $24)
  • 14 oz. Travel Tea Glass Infuser (silver, green, and blue) ($26.95 to $29)

Check them out!

To order a Libre tea product, please follow this link.

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